1195 West Second St.

Xenia, Ohio 45385



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Estate Planning Workshop



 Planning for our future is more complicated than ever.   


Program Purpose Planning for our future is more complicated than ever.

This five-week course provides an opportunity to start or continue your planning. No matter your age or level of financial resources, this course will jump-start your plan!

We cannot plan for every “what if”, but we can educate ourselves and make important decisions that will give us some peace of mind & answer nagging questions such as:

-If I don’t have much other than a car, house and monthly income, what kind of planning can I really do?  My kids are financially struggling. Should I help them? 

-Will settling my estate be a burden for my family?

-How should my property be titled?

-Should I update my will and other documents?

-Will insurance cover nursing home care?

-If I leave a young family, will their future be secure?


This program is presented with the cooperation of local professionals volunteering their time and expertise so we can all have the needed tools to plan for our future and the future of our families.


Tuesdays, October 3rd thru October 31st

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Xenia Community Center

1265 W. Second Street, Xenia

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