1195 West Second St.

Xenia, Ohio 45385


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 Memory Loss, Dementia, & Alzheimer's Disease - Seminar

Please join us as we answer your questions, address your concerns, discuss the types of dementia ~ including Alzheimer’s disease, and explore things to consider as a caregiver or someone wanting to learn more about memory loss and dementia. Click here for a flyer 


Thursday, January 11th 

2:30 pm ~ 4:30 pm 

1195 West Second Street, Xenia 

GCCOA Office 


Wednesday, March 7th

2:30 pm ~ 4:30pm 

1195 West Second Street, Xenia  

 GCCOA Office





Communicating With a Loved One With Dementia - Seminar


Please join us to talk about how we can have the most positive experience with and minimize the fears and  frustrations of our loved ones with dementia.  And while someone with dementia may benefit from this discussion, it is intended for those in caregiving and supporting roles. 

Contact your Council for the next session

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