1195 West Second St.

Xenia, Ohio 45385


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 Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance


    T’ai Ji Quan, or Tai Chi, traces its roots back to martial arts developed

in China hundreds of years ago. Participants perform a set number of

movements, called “forms”, with some styles consisting of over 100 forms.

Tai Chi is widely recognized for its health benefits.


Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance was developed by a team of researchers at

the Oregon Research Institute using 8 forms derived from the traditional

Yang-style Tai Chi. Research has shown that people who complete the program are half as

likely to fall andhave less fear of falling. This class is for is for older adults who are able to walk independently or with a cane or walker,

who are interested in improving balance, flexibility, and strength. Participants should wear loose, comfortable

clothing and flat, rubber-soled shoes. Water will be provided. 


Next class will be Spring, 2018

Committed To Greene County Seniors and Caregivers